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Action Update #6

Dear Friend/Neighbor/Colleague/etc.,

The purpose of this email is to help busy people in the Greater Rochester Area find opportunities to join the fight against global warming.  These emails are distributed twice per month and include 3-4 actions you can take to help stop climate change.  Read on to learn how you can quickly and easily do your part to protect the planet.

Quick Climate Fact

Peer-reviewed research indicates we can switch the entire world to renewable energy in as little as 20 years for the same long-term cost as sticking with fossil fuels.  This calculation doesn’t even include the significant environmental and health costs of using fossil fuels.  This transition could me made without nuclear power, using wind, water, and solar technologies that have been available since 2009.    

Two-Minute Climate Action

A team of researchers led by Stanford professor Mark Jacobson has developed plans for how each of the 50 states could transition to 100% clean energy by 2050, while boosting the economy.  Ask Governor Cuomo to adopt their plan for NY State.

Steps to take:

  1. Learn about The Solutions Project’s plan for NY State here:  
  2. At the top of that page, click the link to “email your governor,” which will take to you Cuomo’s contact page.  (Or go there directly by clicking this link:
  3. Use the form at the bottom of the page to provide contact information and leave a comment.  
      • For the subject line write “The Solutions Project” 
      • Select “Energy Issues” or “Environmental Concerns” from the drop down menu of topics
      • In the comment box, write something like, “Dear Governor Cuomo, Thank you for your recent efforts to modernize how energy is distributed in NY and to provide funding for clean energy projects.  These actions are important steps in the right direction.  As a NY State voter, I ask that you continue down this path by fully adopting Mark Jacobson’s plan to transition NY to 100% clean, renewable energy by 2050.  Sincerely…”                           

Climate Action Event

On September 21st, the People’s Climate March will take place in NYC.  It will coincide with hundreds of other demonstrations around the world and a UN Climate Change Summit (during which world leaders will prepare to negotiate a binding global treaty on carbon emissions reductions at the 2015 Climate Change Conference in Paris).  Over 650 organizations are involved in planning the march, the purpose of which is to demand meaningful political action to stop climate change.  The more people that attend the march, the stronger this message will be.  Over a dozen local groups (including Rochester Climate Action) are working together to organize transportation from Rochester to the march.  

If you would like to attend the march, you have several travel options to choose from:

  1. Charter buses will be traveling down to NYC and back on Sept. 21st.  Learn about and sign up for buses here: 
  2. Amtrak is offering a 10% discount for those who travel to NYC between Sept. 15-24.  Call 1(800) 872-7245 and reference Convention Fare Code X22T-908 when making your reservation.  This discount is not available with online reservations.  (Note: Amtrak’s Senior discount is 15%.  You can only get one discount.)
  3. Within the next few days, a “Western New York State Hub” will be established online to facilitate carpooling arrangements.  Keep an eye out on Facebook and at
  4. Some demonstrators will be bicycling from Rochester to NYC for the march.  The details of this trip are not yet finalized, but if this option interests you, contact us at and we will put you in touch with the appropriate organizers.  

If you can’t attend the march, but would like to support those who can, please consider making a donation to provide “scholarships” for students and low-income individuals who cannot afford the full bus fare.  You can make a donation on the bus website (  Any dollar amount would be appreciated.  No contribution is too small.

Spread the Word

  1. Forward this email to friends, neighbors, colleagues, etc.  Don’t be shy!  You never know who might be interested in saving the world.  If someone would prefer not to receive these emails from you in the future, they will let you know.  When forwarding this message to multiple people, enter their addresses using the blind carbon copy function (bcc) to protect everyone’s privacy.
  2. Visit, click on “Action Updates,” and use the share buttons to post this newsletter on Facebook and other social media sites.
  3. Become a Rochester Climate Action “frontline contact.”  Frontline contacts receive bimonthly emails directly from us, rather than having to wait for someone else to forward them on.  Frontline contacts who distribute the email to their personal contacts are acting as true leaders in the fight against climate change.  If you’d like to be a frontline contact, simply send an email saying so to  
  4. Talk to people about global warming!  Tell them why you are concerned and politely suggest that they should be too.  Again, don’t be shy.  These are important conversations that we should all be having.  

Words of Wisdom from a Local Activist

“Every day on this beautiful planet, nearly 200 species of plants and animals go extinct.  Ninety percent of large fish are gone from the oceans and 80% of old growth forests have been destroyed.  As world citizens, it is our moral obligation to take direct and immediate action to transform this ecological crisis into an opportunity for social justice.”  George Payne (Founder and Director of Gandhi Earth Keepers International)

This message was written by Abigail McHugh-Grifa on behalf of  Rochester Climate Action is run by a group of local mothers who are concerned about how climate change will affect their children’s futures.  These mothers are unpaid volunteers and are not affiliated with any “green” businesses.  For more information, including other action opportunities, visit  We welcome your feedback on our work.  Please send comments, questions, suggestions, etc. to

If you no longer wish to receive these emails, just notify the person who sent it to you.