The City Mania game is best known to be a kind of city building simulation game that has become popular among many different people. The essence of the game is to build the best city, keep every one of your residents happy and get to earn more money and many other fun things to do that you are going to see even as you move on. However, it is important for you to understand that for you to be able to do all this, you need to have all the patience and time. As a plus, you can also make use of the City Mania Cheats game. This article is mainly going to be all about guiding you through.

·         The daily login bonuses that you can make use of

Once you have already created an account, it is advisable that you always make sure that you are always logging in daily into the account. This is mainly because daily log in is very important in that they are able to give you different rewards every single day that you can make use of. Also, since you are not going to get the same rewards that you miss just in case you do not log in, getting to log in every single day even if you are not playing is going to be beneficial for you.

·         The do list in City Mania game

Other than the daily log in, you can also go ahead and look at the to-do list. The to-do list is simply like a number of different quests that you can be able to do easily. These quests tend to range from a number of things like building very specific types of buildings as well as the collecting of specific amounts of gold. By completing the quests that are in this list, you are also going to be able to get a reward.

·         Looking at safety

Since your city may suffer from a sudden emergency, it is important for you to keep the safety of your residents in check. One of the best ways in which you can be able to do this is building a fire station next to the houses.  

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