Our mother Earth is the only place in the universe where human existence is found. However, our effects on the planet are determining the effect of the earth and have reduced the expectancy of the planet. Global warming is a major cause for this thing. It is estimated that the global warming is soon to swallow the earth alive and that means that we all are going to get affected by these.

Global warming is not a thing that is being affected by a single individual or entity, all the existing humans are equally responsible to it. Because of these, the world climate is changing drastically and this should be sorted out by any mean. There are some of the things that every individual could play a part so as to reduce the level the global warming.

Global Warming

Plant trees

This is not a rocket science that the reason for the climate change is deforestation itself. People and government are so much into providing a modern life that they are promoting us to lead to the verge of death. There are trillions of people living in the world and if they start planting trees then the plants the world would have a new face.

The plants absorb the heat because for the consumption of carbon dioxide and this thing reduce the overall heat. A step can change the world.

Recycle and reuse

The plastic and the water bottles are also a major course of increasing the temperature. Hence instead of buying this thigs what one can so to recycle and reuse. There are people who tend to buy a water bottle and then prefers to throw it on the road. However, that should be done. Keeping fewer bottles and the plastics can help to save the effect that global warming has on the world.

Lower the usage of air condition

The air conditioner is used as an alternative to reduce the heat in your room. The irony is that the car conditioner is actually increasing the overall temperature of the earth. Hence the more air conditioner that you use to reduce the heat the more you are actually creating the heat. Hence if you don’t want to be using up any heat then you should definitely wear the usage of the condition.

The same things go with the refrigerator. It has the same effect as that of the air conditioner.

Energy saving

Energy is the most basic requirement of the recent world. Without that, we could live the love we are living. However not to exclude that this thing has affected the overall rating of the global temperature. Since we can’t simply ignore the energy we can take steps by reducing the usage of it. The more we go green the more years we would be donating to the earth and our lives.


These are few of the many things that you would like to utilize to promote the health of our earth. Without the help of the entire citizens of the world, this thing is not possible.

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