Kim Kardashian Hollywood mobile game works with both android and iOS devices. The game is created by Glu games. Players can create their own aspiring character they like. The main motive in the game is to be famous as a celebrity and for being that, the game has many tasks and missions that can make a character to be one. If you are addicted to this game, then Kardashian game cheat is the best support for you. Kim Kardashian community is so huge so as the players of this game are huge also.


Kim Kardashian is the best game for the role-playing category. The features of this game are so unique and new, apart from the features the game has so many amazing task modes. The game allows players to live a life of a celebrity and to be a celebrity, and they give several tasks. All these tasks are inspired by the real life of a celebrity. After completing the tasks, the character gains reputation points, experience points, cash, stars and fans that will help the character on the way to be a celebrity.

Reputation points are those, which shows how popular and person the nice is. Depend on interaction basis and task that check behavior and way of talking of the other person. It helps in increasing fans around the world in the game.

Stars and cash are the currency, which helps the character so much to purchase business stuff and clothing stuff. Without the currency, players cannot reach high levels, so using Kardashian game cheat is a perfect way of earning currency.

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