Guide for beginners

Mafia City is a strategy based gaming concept developed by YottaGames. Based on the mafia world, the game is base on the world of guns & murderers with real-time action. Plenty of many actions features and unlockable items have been available in the game. From robbery to fights, an alliance to teams the player of this game will take over the city and becomes the godfather of many towns and mafia world. The main currency of the game is cash and gold. You will need them for buying resources, troops and many more things.


Mafia city is all about taking ruling over the city and become the biggest mafia. Things to remember in the game are that you should be active in crime rate and be a crime icon in front of every character of the game even for the police. Build a city with headquarters, offices & criminal buildings. Increase the gang member and spend money on bars, games & real estate put you on reorganization in front.

You will have your house, and if you want to make your house a big building, there is an option for it too. Bikers, shooter, vehicles, strong muscular men & female secretary are also there too unlocked.

Things you can try in game

·         Building your huge empire

·         Recruit bulky and dangerous gang members

·         Earn and invest on building empire

·         Achieve rewards and play mini games

·         Customize Crew Leader and members

You can build as much as you want a bigger empire it will represent how big mafia you are. After reaching a higher level, you can unlock strong players and shooters for future fights. Daily missions and challenges help to earn bigger rewards. Earn gold & cash to buy resources and gang members. Once you purchase all things and complete all mission, your level will be most feared mafia boss among all.

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