One way to convince your foodie spouse to take vacation is food travel tours. Food tours are becoming popular throughout the world. People like to taste every kind of cuisine. For foodies who also like travelling, it’s a double delight. Treat your taste buds to the best of global flavors. It’s so much fun to plan a food tour itinerary. To have a good appetite is the only eligibility criteria. Let’s explain why you should be taking food tours frequently.

Think beyond guidebook

During food tours, your guide will educate more about the place, than they normally do. You can learn a lot more about the place from cooks and vendors. You can catch these people off guard. Things always end up with them telling you awesome stories about the place that you need to hear.

They surprise you

Food tours don’t always happen at a tourist hotspot. It requires you to go the extra mile, literally. You get a chance to visit more neighborhoods, malls or farms. You get a feel of the local culture there. There is always a nook or cranny that you haven’t visited evenin the city you frequents the most.

Meet people with common interests

Food tours provides with an opportunity to meet with other foodies. It’s hard to find people who have two common interests with you – food and travel. Food travellers are not hard to come by. They just don’t have the need to expose that part of them often.

Fine blend of food and history

With every tasting you take, you learn a little more about the food. You learn about the people and the place. You get to know about the cooking methods and practice. It is not just food. Similarly, it is not just about plain facts either.

Sample a lot

Who doesn’t like to see and sample food? People can’t ask for tastings on most part of the menu in a local restaurant. Food tours are something to celebrate. Like-minded people on both sides make it enjoyable with a free mind. On average, you would have had a dozen tastings before you exit the tour.

No age constraint

Both the youth and elderly can take liking to food tours. Age is no constraint. Everyone loves a taste bud treating experience besides little sightseeing. Youth would love the food. The seniors would love the comfort on offer.

Acts as additional motivation

Food tours encourage you to take a trip into the city. It introduces you to the city before you can take your first bite. Besides trying out cuisines, you get a chance to know the region. You are motivated to see local attractions following interactions with the locals.

Risk free food

Almost all food in food tours tastes good. You are less likely to waste $30 on bad food. It hurts to know that the food tastes bad at the hindsight of paying bills. You get small tastings prior to having it whole. You can order food that felt delicious at first try.

Bon Voyage! Bon Appetit!

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